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Goddess Ghee is Sum Love’s most favorite brand of ghee in the Appalachian region. In Ayurvedic practice, it’s handmade in small batches, by a small group of women who know the cows by name. The cows are loved, cherished, cared for and about, and the dairy is collected ethically and sustainably. The humans involved are cared for too. You can find more information at their website.

These come in a variety of flavors and sizes.


“An ancient recipe of grass fed high vitamin butter oil

Crafted from BANNER BUTTER, a grass fed & cultured butter churned in Atlanta, GA

Produced in a certified kitchen near Asheville, North Carolina.

No refrigeration necessary; shelf stable many months after opening.

Lactose & Casein free.

Versatile cooking and baking oil that can handle temperatures up to 485 degrees without smoking or burning.

Great for veggie stir fry, pan searing meat, popcorn, tortillas, soups and stews, grains, potatoes and oatmeal.

Spread on bread, toast, pancakes, waffles, crackers, fruit, veggies. Awesome addition to smoothies, coffee or tea.

Use it as a base for fudge, dressings or other treats. Eat it with a spoon or finger (we do).”

Golden Healer:

“Our grass-fed ghee blended with all organic turmeric root, ceylon cinnamon, ginger root, cardamom, black peppercorns and a pinch of celtic sea salt.

Inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic ‘golden paste’ used to promote healing, our Golden Healer Ghee features the classic herbs and spices in a flavorful blend. A spoonful or two of this ghee makes the perfect base for Golden Milk, a soothing Ayurvedic drink made by warming the ghee and spices in a pan, adding any choice of milk and a sweetener of your choice (honey, maple syrup or dates are great options!)

Aside from traditional golden milk recipes, this potent blend is also a great cooking oil for curry, fried eggs, roasted cauliflower, and squash/pumpkin soups. Try sautéing vegetables with it for a soup OR adding a spoonful right in before serving.”


“Our traditional ghee infused with all organic Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Garlic, Onion, Lavender, Celtic Sea Salt and a sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon. Topped with lavender flowers.

This blend is perfect for cooking, sautéing or roasting practically anything. Many of the classic savory herbs used in cooking are blended right into the ghee, making it simple to get a full flavored dish without having to add so many ingredients. Just a spoonful to a hot skillet or rubbed over roasted meats, veggies, mushrooms will fill your kitchen with culinary bliss.

Easy to use and packed with flavor, we’ve enjoyed using Secret Garden by:

  • Coating potatoes and roasting them in the oven (think hasselback herb coated sweet potatoes)

  • Slather it on meat for the perfect sear – ghee has a smoke point of 450 degrees and won’t burn like most other oils during the searing process.

  • Try frying eggs in it, spread it on toast, bagels or really anything that needs a spoonful of savory.”

Well Adapted:

“This is a trio of powerful adaptogens: Maca and Shatavari and Ashwagandha swirled into Goddess Ghee with Ceylon Cinnamon and Cardamom.

These herbs allow the body to adjust and handle the affects of stress and everyday hustle and bustle while maintaining a healthy sense of balance. Created in response to the fast pace living of modern life, the Well Adapted Ghee is a delicious blend of medicines and ghee whipped with intention for your mind and body.

Perfect baked into cookies, muffins, added to oatmeal, gently melted and blended into smoothies or added to morning tea brews. Simply add 1-2 teaspoons to tea or coffee and blend on high for 2 minutes (check that the lid is securely on!)

Check out our yummy grain free Well Adapted Molasses Cookie recipe for more ideas! “

Queen Bee:

“Our extra caramelized grass-fed ghee blended with raw Appalachian honey, shatavari root, rose, cardamom, vanilla bean, a pinch of celtic sea salt and topped with rose.

This is a simple and sweet blend that both adults and children adore. In Ayurveda, ghee mixed with raw honey is considered one of the most nourishing food medicines. Following traditional ratios that best serve the body, this blend is a luscious jar of creamy deliciousness. Shatavari, an Ayurvedic herb, has traditionally been used as a safe tonic herb that promotes feminine balance, though is safe to eat for all bodies.

We love to spread it on toast, breads, hot cereals, muffins. Use it as a nourishing and delicious icing or blend it up into teas for a sweet creamy cup of yum. Try chamomile, lavender, rose, mint, or chai tea.”

Pearl Pleasure (was Royal Butter):

“Our extra caramelized grass-fed ghee blended with White Cacao Butter, Raw Appalachian honey, Maca root, vanilla bean, a pinch of celtic sea salt and topped with rose, now with the addition of pearl powder! Previously ‘Royal Butter’. (Ridiculously scrumptious!)”

Cacao Ritual:

A decadent swirl of ghee, sustainably harvested raw cacao powder, raw Appalachian honey, vanilla and a touch of Celtic Sea salt. Together they make a satisfying spoonful that delivers all the chocolaty flavor that you crave in a well balanced blend.

Enjoying chocolate with a fat like ghee helps the body make use of all the sweet magnesium rich goodness while slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which has been known to help balance hormones, blood sugar and energy roller coasters. Reach for a spoon of the CACAO RITUAL Ghee trusting that you are choosing a healthier way to indulge AND reaping health benefits along the way.

We have LOVED to use the CACAO RITUAL ghee in an array of recipes, including:

– Melted gently (not heated) to dip bananas in, then roll in seeds/nuts and freeze! Hello dessert!

– Blended with warmed milk, hot water, herbal tea or coffee

– Substitute 1:1 in for butter/oil for baked goods

– Slather it on for a guilt-free delicious icing to any cake

– Eat from your finger, whichever one needs it most!

Sweet Lullaby:

“A calming blend for soothing the nervous system.


Unsalted & Cultured Grass Fed Butter (GHEE) infused with: Linden, Tulsi, Lemon Balm, Oat Tops, Chamomile, Peppermint, and Lavender then whipped into a dreamy balm with Raw Appalachian Honey + Vanilla Bean and topped w/ Blue Corn Flowers.”

Lunar Cacao:

“This magical dark ghee fudge is made with grass-fed ghee, truly raw Appalachian honey and all organic raw cacao powder, Shatavari root powder, Maca root powder, lavender, rose and Celtic sea salt.

This blend is crafted in honor of the moon with the intention to nourish and support women throughout their moon cycles. A blend of herbs known to support hormonal health and blood flow, this magnesium rich blend is the perfect go-to ghee when your body craves chocolate.

Try it straight as it is, right off the spoon (or finger), in baked goods, blended into cacao elixirs or gently warmed and drizzled over oats or crumbles.”

Mind Manna:
“Unsalted & Cultured grass-fed ghee, caramelized to perfection and whipped with:
cognitive support herbs (Lion’s Mane extract, Rhodiola, Gingko Biloba, Eleuthero)
and mood boosting herbs (Mucuna, Mimosa Bark, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg) and lovingly topped with a whole star anise”

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