About Sum Love


Sum Love is synergistic community birthed of personal experience, purposeful learning, intentional and layered healing, passionate heart, brave action, and loving, vulnerable connections.   

Services and products are ethically and sustainably sourced from small farms and people who care for, respect, and seek to steward the earth, water, and life. Products are vegan (except for responsibly-sourced beeswax and honey), synthetic-free, and mindfully packaged in recycled and/or biodegradable materials.  They’re hand-crafted in small, seasonal batches into self-care tools for healing the individual and the collective, providing luxury on a sliding scale with a mission.  

The money tree created by Sum Love scatters leaves of love in the form of direct donations to local justice initiatives (a youth program at Battlefield Farm), buy one give one sales with sliding scale pricing, and funding Sum Love Community Care projects (like “Love Sum Mommas”), and through it all: fostering community with Sum Love. 

Founder and curator Liz Popp is a human on a mission, determined to enjoy the journey of being a positive force for transformation.  She’s a trauma-informed Hatha yoga instructor who cherishes her relationship to yoga, appreciates the blessings and gifts of life with all its connections and opportunities, and loves to get down and dirty on the farm to fight for food justice in the Knoxville area.  Liz loves in action for her community by participating in community gardens, community-strengthening events, and with organizations working for justice: social justice, food justice, environmental justice- as well as for emotional intelligence and human rights.   She holds a MA in International Relations and BA in Pyschology/Sociology, both from Webster University.  She’s  advocated in the political sphere on human rights, social, and health issues and is passionate about healing and justice.  Liz will begin the MA, Integrative Medicine & Ayurveda at MIU Fall 2021 to further her vision of collective care and healing services and to help fill a much needed gap in our healthcare, political, and economic systems. 

Sum Love is the Sum content of a whole lotta heart, creativity, and insight served in packages of connections and creations. 

Come share in Sum Love.