A Note From Our Founder


Welcome to the collective vision.  Sum Love provides tools for connection to honor hope, wellness, and love in every aspect of life and relations, starting with self.  Many times, emancipation of the soul happens as we heal our traumas, settle our disputes with life, learn to create, speak our truths, and give back to the community through our compassion and commitment. 

Sum Love embodies my commitment to make micro changes with one foot mindfully in front of the other, facing our fears one at a time with necessary, vulnerable, and revolutionary self-care. We must foster connections to support our own healing.  We must consider how we show up in the world, who and what we support, how our actions affect others and the earth.  We must face (with bravery and tenderness): ourselves, our histories, our beliefs, our thoughts, and our patterns, so that we may heal and be free internally in order to  radiate that healing into the world, driving a total effect of Sum Love.  

I crafted and curated the first release of products, services, and opportunities from my own personal healing journey as well as the journey of loved ones around me, and the needs of the collective, during 2020.   I oiled my body with luxurious oils that I instinctively crafted with healing plant allies that I met and came to rely on during an extremely transformative time in my life; I rested and soaked in “loaded” (with salts and herbal blends) mid-afternoon baths while listening to guided meditations, inhaling the scents, feeling the silkiness of my skin in the healing water.  I also relied on my practice of yoga, and spent a ton of time laying on the ground next to a wild rose bush, enveloped by the scent of selflove.  These rituals helped me address all the layers of my being, allowed for integration, and were indispensable in healing the traumas stored in my body, heart, and mind—all while holding space for the revealing chaos that was 2020, but at the same time envisioning a just future. I also heavily relied on love and support from others: community is essential to healing.  I learned to love and trust myself through that process of integration and healing and it brought me creativity and focused action. 

The result is Sum Love: Integrative Healing from the inside-out, connecting for transformation.  We connect to and love: self, others, our creator, and earth. In short, we love and value and care for our collective. 

I want to share with you the rituals, habits, tools,  foods, herbs, oils, products and ingredients that I have researched (which was sometimes a crazy-making).  These plant friends, products, and tools comforted and healed me from traumas, insecurities, physical ailments and injuries anxiety, depression, addiction, sexual abuse, and more.  They’ve helped me along this hard process of becoming whole and at peace. I learned that I can do hard things (thanks Brent) and I know that you can too.  I look for ethically sourced and responsible materials in all things- from ink and glue for labels to the bottles and packaging, to the plants, resins oils and salts.  Everything  guided by the principle of ahimsa, (striving to do as little harm as possible).  I create products with sustainable materials, buy from small business owners who treat their land, animals, and people with care, and we use organic, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients.  Ethics, treatment of life, justice, access, and health are all important to me and guide every step and every action and connection of Sum Love.  Our vision is transformatively healing the world through selflove. 

Won’t you join me on this journey?