SUM = Everything/one
LOVE = How

curated consciousness

supporting balance

 collective health

Care for Life from Beginning to End,

 & Every Moment in Between

About Sum Love

Sum Love, LLC is a socially and environmentally responsible company that makes and sells products intended to restore balance and foster health in interconnected community, with justice in mind and actions. 

We operate with a sense of love for the whole of life by creating products that are ethically made for all life involved from its beginnings to You.

We know you’ll sense it in the products. 

We know you’ll care as much as we do.

Sum Love

For yourSelf.

the ways

Products & ingredients are ethically & sustainably sourced from small farms, growers, & crafters/makers – people who care for, respect, and seek to steward the earth, animals, people, plants, water, and all life regeneratively. This applies to all products and all service partners – ‘erebody and everything.

Sum Love LLC crafted products are:

  • whole-plant-based (not broken down to individual chemicals then recombined).
  • not from an animal (the exceptions are beeswax, honey, pollen, and ghee– which are still held to the ways).
  • made with organic and fair-trade ingredients, when possible, probable, needed.
  • always made with organic cold-pressed or expeller-pressed fats (coconut, avocado, jojoba, olive, shea, cocoa, sesame, walnut) .
  • always made with ingredients grown synthetic-free and none are added.
  • mindfully packaged in recycled and/or compostable materials.
  • nature’s gifts transformed with purposeful, sweaty love. (Thanks farmers and stewards and Self and all those who’ve supported and contributed!)
  • intentionally hand-crafted in small batches into healing Selfcare tools for the individual…which ripples through the collective. 

Luxuriate and Nourish yourSelf

We are the change – Love youSelf through it all

Love my oil!

I absolutely love my oil. I've been using it every day and it's been helping me heal a burn wound that was taking sooo long to heal. It's been there for like 3 weeks and now in the past 3 days it's already faded so much!

Because we're
All Connected

Hear from our Members & Community Partners.

Feels Luxurious.

Biiiiig shout out to for this AMAZINGLY delicious and healing oil. It's just WOW. Soo effective and soo luxurious feeling...

Best Ingredients!

Look at these ingredients! I'm hooked and it's been helping with my chronic neck pain so much! Amazing oil from

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Your generosity is seen, felt, appreciated, change-inducing, and life-affirming, thank you!

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You are seen and valued!

**If this cost is prohibitive for you, you are eligible for federal food assistance, or are BIPOC, and would like a product, please contact us to be added to the recipient list of the BYG2.

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