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Sum Love, LLC is a socially and environmentally responsible company that seeks to heal, rebuild, and sustain the earth in harmonious community. We operate with a sense of love for people and planet by creating products that are ethically made by workers who are paid just and living wages.

Our mission is to be better than we were yesterday through our sustainable practices while raising money for local organizations on behalf of our members.

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We are committed to making & sourcing all products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Love Sum Mommas

We respect and love the cycle of life here at Sum Love.  We also believe in acknowledging all aspects of that cycle, of honoring space with the pause, of staying grounded yet leaning in.

We recognize and respect that mothers have a special and imperative roles in all life and that for far too long, many mothers have had to go without support, and therefore without the resources that nature intended.  This has had devastating consequences on human life as well as on the earth and its other inhabitants.

We recognize that life can be harsh, traumatic, hard, lonely AND be wondrous, joyous, connected, and full of love.  The journey is sometimes SO dramatically shaking, we MUST have support to stay afloat. To heal we must have community and we must be connected to the flow of love.  Unfortunately, our society and culture isn’t currently set up to give support – especially in such heavy times as violent, sudden trauma.  In general, our society avoids feeling and sometimes even with acknowledging that pain exists.  It’s more common for people to sensationalize and profit off of pain, than it is for someone to have a genuine care network that holds space and provides support and resources for expression and healing.

Love Sum Mommas is born out of the knowing, the observation, and the experience of these factors, along with the understanding and experience of the reality that it is even less likely that a person gets appropriate care and resources when the above factors are layered with additional stressors and inhibitors, such as systemic oppression, poverty, and generational barriers to access.

Love Sum Mommas is a way to change these dynamics.  Sum Love fosters the growth of a community that collectively and actively cares for the mothers in our world who are in the shadows, showing that we all Love Sum Mommas.

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Our Monthly Subscription Boxes are curated with a selection of healing herbs and blends.
Every box is connected to a local cause and a large-scale social justice initiative.
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Give Sum Love Pricing Option: Show your solidarity with Sum Love’s mission by Giving Sum Love! This option is buy one give one; it’s our pay it forward choice. Your purchase gets you one but also covers the cost of one for those who Need Sum Love but cannot financially afford it so know that when you purchase, we give one away. If you could qualify for a home loan, own land, are not on public assistance, have an IRA, or don’t have to worry about your bank balance before buying food to eat, this is the suggested option for you.


This is the current retail market price. This option is suggested if you are able to regularly meet your basic survival needs and paying for this item or service may cause you to sacrifice another purchase, but it won’t cost you shelter, food, or utilities.


This option is made possible by those purchasing products at the “Give Sum Love” price. There is no shipping charge for this option. Please use this option if you are currently struggling to pay for your basic needs (shelter, food, utilities) and paying for this item or service at the market price would cause significant hardship. The same number of Give Sum Love are offered of each item in each batch as the Need Sum Love. If you are in need of Sum Love but cannot financially afford it, please email us.

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